Thursday, February 27, 2020

Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Europe - Essay Example Trading and buying products has always helped to fund Europe's economic development, and has allowed Europe to grow economically. The Greeks were the precursors to the Romans, and developed the Hellenistic culture after Alexander's conquering skills had brought Greek and Persia to helm. Rome later conquered Greece and venerated Greek culture as great. This respect cause Rome to share many of the same practices. Since Rome was the precursor to the European civilization, the respect for Greece flowed into Europe as time progressed, and Greece and Rome would be venerated as the cultures that started European civilization. 3. Discuss the differences between Northern and Southern Europe in terms of politics, economics, and social development. Do you see them as being very similar, somewhat similar, different, or quite different Why Northern and Southern Europe had somewhat of a different development overall. This could have a lot to do with climate as well as society. Politically, Southern Europe is usually considered more modern, although Northern Europe has certainly caught up with this impression. It can be stated that the North possibly had a slower development into modernization, but today both civilizations are fairly similar. Europe is a much olde... Europe has much more tradition in politics than the United States does. However, both have a focus on western civilizations and western political traditions that has to do with modernization and technology. The desire to take care of the world is at the foundation of both the US and Europe, bringing them together. 5. Do you think that Western Europe should be seen as one, unified region, sharing a common history, currency, and heritage, or does it make more sense to look at it as a mosaic of separate, unique entities that are only bound together by the landmass which they share Why I think that Europe can be seen as a unified region nowadays. Most Europeans speak several languages and understand each other's countries. Most Europeans wish to move toward a unionized concept-hence the creation of the European Union. The governments are democratic and fairly similar, as is the overall focus of the countries.

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